Enter Cloud9
True Renderings Bliss

Cloud9 is an innovative and convenient new service that can be used from any device with an Internet connection. It stores all of the renderings KiSP has ever created for you in one convenient online cloud. Simply enter your login information and gain instant access to your entire portfolio.

  • Save, Recycle and Reuse

    Until now, a rendering’s lifecycle ended at the point where either a sale was made or lost. Cloud9 extends this lifecycle. Now you can take advantage of past renderings and reuse them to engage new prospects as early as the first meeting.
  • Enhance the Sales Process

    Pick and choose past renderings that are relevant to your prospect’s wants, needs and overall style. Deepen the discussion by offering a visual presentation of a particular workspace right from the get-go.
  • Cost Savings

    By reusing past renderings to engage new prospects in the early stages of the sales process, you forego the costs of ordering a custom, original rendering. In many cases, you may find that your prospect is impressed by one of your past renderings but asks for a few minor tweaks here and there. By reusing previously designed renderings, you accelerate the sales process and save money in the long run.
  • Search

    Find past renderings quickly and easily using Cloud9’s intuitive search filters. Browse images by project name, date, workspace or image type.
  • Organize

    Create new folders to organize your renderings into logical groups. For example, you have three client meetings scheduled this week. Create three folders, each representing one of your clients. Sift through your past renderings to find images that best relate to each client and organize accordingly.
  • Share

    Share renderings via email. Cloud9 lets you send a link that gives your recipient access to only what you’ve specified, be it a single rendering or a full folder.
  • Save

    Save any rendering from Cloud9 to your desktop, external hard drive, smartphone or tablet. View your saved renderings when you’re offline – anytime, anywhere. To learn more about KiSP’s Cloud9 service, contact us today.


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Email: Cloud9Support@kisp.com